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A lot is changing in the world of marketing .the emergence of digital marketing and marketing analytics is shaping the marketing strategies of companies. Given that the new age marketing deals with the recent technology advancements and how the technology driven digital marketing and marketing analytics helps us translate consumer behaviour into actionable marketing strategy and actionable business plans. The skills and knowledge required in the future to handle the business situation are immense and to meet these requirements Pravin Dalal School is proposing to offer a program at under graduate level with strong focus on digital marketing, marketing research and analytics, sales and distribution, channel management and neuro marketing

Bachelor of Business Administration (Management & Marketing) program takes students into the technological and psychological aspects of business and marketing. The Bachelor of Business Administration (Management & Marketing) Program includes intensive applied business training with an emphasis on marketing management, as well as new and emerging media and marketing analytics.


The program combines both theory and practice to enhance professional success after graduation. Employment opportunities will grow as companies search for new and innovative ways to market their products to consumers.

Specialization: Business Management & Marketing

Duration-3 years

Degree Name – Bachelor of Business Administration (Management & Marketing)

Eligibility Criteria:

1. NPAT:  Merit list will be prepared based on the performance of the candidate in NMIMS-NPAT entrance exam


  • Mathematics/Statistics at 10+2 or equivalent exam is not compulsory   


For program related queries, Contact:
Prof. Mehek Kapoor
Program Chairperson
Email:  mehek.kapoor@nmims.edu
Contact: 022 42355895

"Thank you very much for a wonderful opportunity to interact with some real sharp young minds. I must commend the loads of curiosity that the students displayed while seeking to understand the corporate requirements and the challenges in building careers for themselves.

I am sure after graduating from the BBMM program they will make for wonderful prospects for many companies."

-Mr. Vivek Kulkarni
Sr. Vice President & Head Human Resources at 

Program Objective

To develop highly skilled professionals open to innovation, creativity and strategic thinking - those, who are able to set up and create their own businesses, manage to adapt to changing market conditions, as well as work in a team in any organisation, who know the importance of communication and are able to use the latest information and communication technologies.

Learning’s and takeaways

It offers you the skills required to create, shape, deliver and measure successful communication and marketing in a wide range of formats and platforms.The students will be equipped to handle

1. Marketing Planning

2. Marketing Analysis

3. Marketing Strategy

4. Marketing Communication

5. Selling and Distribution

6. Channel Marketing

7. Digital Marketing

8. Neuro Marketing

9. Franchisee Modelling

10. Technology Entrepreneurship.

During this course we ensure that you develop an ability and are able to see human interaction as an important function of a business. Not only that you will be tasked with understanding customer experiences, and also develop know how to communicate with diverse audiences with varying levels of cooperation.With live project-based training, interaction with industry, plant visits, case studies and international exposure you will be ready to-

1. Tackle the real problems of the company more so from marketing perspective.

2. Analyse the markets,customer needs, tastes and preferences with competitive understanding.

3. Take special care to ensure the quality of services, since you know your customers well and have strong data on their choices and expectations.

4. Apply marketing management techniques and refer to more modern solutions.

5. Using artificial intelligence in marketing tools and techniques.

6. Have right digital footprints and technology in place

Handling Marketing communication, sales and distribution and channel management .


Structure of the program

Year 1:

The student will learn about the basic principles (fundamentals) of business management and will be introduced to concepts of marketing

Year 2:

You will start focusing more on understanding business environment, setting up new businesses, understand and analyze existing companies and their marketing challenges, digital marketing world, world class business and marketing practices, skills and tools usedto bring in differentiation. You will also be able to experience the best marketing pitch, successful franchisee model, effective sales team management, customer relationship after understanding their behavior and profiles well.

 Year 3:

You will learn the fundamentals of analytics and marketing analytics.The focus will be to ensure that you understand consumer behavior, consumer data management, and are able to collect right information from the market through marketing research and then communicate with the right target market.

All three years will include case studies, in company projects, simulation games, industry internship and interaction. The student will study fundamentals and also get an opportunity to see the best business practices nationally and internationally.


Course Structure

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