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Aayushman Bajaj Batch of 2017 - 2019
My personal experience during this program has been more than overwhelming. It was never about "let’s just finish this master’s and run back home”, but every time everything we did was with lots of fun and learning. The NMIMS’s MBA E&FB program has a vast curriculum. From regular classes to guest lectures, conversation series, assignments and study tours – all were exclusive and specially-designed keeping in mind Family Business Owners perspective. Guest lectures and Conversation Series are sessions where we have evolved – from learning the bookish knowledge to understanding the competitive industry from experts – whilst sitting in the classroom.

Arjun Kedia Batch of 2017 - 2019
Upon completing my graduation and having worked in the United States, I decided I wanted to pursue Masters in Business Administration in India to understand the Indian Business World as I had decided to join my family business with a modern outlook. NMIMS Entrepreneurship and Family Business program with its excellent professors as well as the world class infrastructure is what at first lured me to the program. The program being ranked 96th worldwide and the only program to be recognized by McKinsey coupled with the teaching methodologies as well as the International Visit abroad, inculcated into the program to provide hands on learning, further led me to pursue the MBA Entrepreneurship and Family Business Program at NMIMS.

HARDIK THACKER Batch of 2017 - 2019
NMIMS is a feeling, a feeling that is difficult to express in words. These two years in NMIMS has not only transformed me into a person I always wanted to be, but has also helped me to grow and make decisions out of my comfort zone. It is not only about the curriculum that E&FB has but the exposure and the knowledge they impart which is out of the box. This course takes care of the minute details in grooming us to become what we are today. From guest lectures, to industrial visits to the various events held in college, this course has taken out the best in me every time. This course has taught all of us that it is not about the empires that we possess, it is about how wisely we make it run to its extreme potential and I, as a businessman, think that its true in every aspect. NMIMS will always be an integral part of my success in the upcoming years ahead. It's been a memorable journey and has prepared me for the next phase of my life with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity.

RUDRA Batch of 2017 - 2019
Of-course, even I had dreamt of pursuing an MBA degree. Coming from a family business background, I knew that NMIMS' MBA Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management program was the apt course (to give the required push to sculpt that professional alignment), I was looking for in shaping the future of our family business. The two years extensive MBA E&FB programme ensures to impart a holistic view of the business world changing your cognitive perspectives. The learnings from this course in true sense helps to efficiently remould the operational dynamics of a family run business. The highly qualified and experienced faculty creates all the more difference in shaping you as a professional. More so to mention that every subject is handcrafted and updated as per the changing times. Appraising this course would be the benefit it gave me in stacking up myself over my own expectations and my peers. The strategic blend of academics and practical application of the same creates an absolute experiential learning environment. I did give this course that critical examination which it demanded (and commanded) before enrolling for it and I can proudly express the value this course has provided in shaping a better me. I would say, "If entrepreneurship is your forte' and business runs in your veins - be ensured that MBA E&FB is the place to be!"

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