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It gives us immense pleasure to induct 55 odd students in our family who have taken their first step in their quest to become an entrepreneur or a successful family business professional. These promising youngsters started their journey of next five years with us on 8th July’2019. The inaugural function started by lighting of the auspicious "diya” that aligns with our philosophy of how education works in the process of lighting the path of any seeker. Prof. Seema Mahajan, Director PDSE&FBM, NMIMS welcomed the students and guided them on what they may expect in next five years at the school and the differentiators of the course. Dr. Ramesh Bhat, Provost Management Education, NMIMS extended a warm welcome and gave them the message of how defining a mission statement right at the start will help them define their purpose and will prove helpful in getting a direction that they choose for themselves. He further stressed on how the students must add to their "KASH” quotient on a daily basis by increasing their knowledge levels, being mindful of their attitude, adding to the needed skills and last but not the least by improving their habits. He further highlighted the importance of asking the right questions by the students and reflections on a continuous basis that will facilitate their learning process by keeping a check on themselves and the applicability of their concepts in their respective businesses.

The invited speaker- Mr. Hiren Shah, Founder & Chairman of Trunkoz Group, Mr. Mohit Gulati, Venture Capitalist, CIO & Managing Partner, ITI Growth Opportunities Fund and Mr. Deep Mehta- School’s alumnus, added the right ingredients to the mental feed for these incumbents. The first invited guest speaker, Mr. Hiren Shah, Founder & Chairman of Trunkoz Group detailed his journey of entrepreneurship. Trunkoz is an Information Technology company which provides innovative solutions related to internet and digital industry. Mr. Shah spoke about his growth path and industry 4. Mr. shah in his own humble ways nudged the youngsters on how he started his education by writing on sand (not with pen/pencil forget about I-pads), went through various small businesses, failed ventures and finally with his grit how he has been able to create a business spread across various continents. Students met with a real time hero on the first day at the campus and the "take away” was immense for any one aspiring to create value in the entrepreneurial space. Mr. Gulati stressed on the importance of technology, the need based innovations, creating their own identity, carving out their own niche and being a change agent. He congratulated the students for choosing to study with an institution par excellence in India rather than opting for a university abroad and said, "If we will not bring out the desired change in our own country, who else will”? Mr. Mehta poured his heart out on how he went about studying, learning, and implementing the skills in his business and how he sensed the Chinese competition by diversifying and being able to cope up well in the disruptive environment.

Students were made to acquaint with the examination rules, attendance regulations, international immersions, and the student’s portal by the respective department heads which are essential for their smooth progression in the course. Student Council hosted the inauguration event and introduced their juniors to the life at PDSE&FBM. Their involvement and engagement was very assuring to the new comers that they have caring and able seniors to guide them through. In the end, students were all charged up with these talks that were able to ignite the minds in their own way. Program ended with an expression of gratitude by the program chairperson, Dr. Kalika Bansal who stressed on the importance of laser-sharp focus and a disciplined life that will help them fulfil their dreams.

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