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Prof. Suruchi Singh

Prof. Suruchi Singh

Assistant Professor,
Ph.D (pursuing)

She is an Assistant Professor in the Marketing area at NMIMS.
She is pursuing Ph.D. at IIM Ahmedabad. Her journey is defined by a strong academic foundation, a diverse research portfolio, and invaluable professional experience. Her fervour lies in unveiling the intricate nuances of consumer behaviour, food choices, and innovative marketing strategies that resonate with the modern landscape and that are critical for the future of the world. 

Her dissertation investigates the potential influence of digital games on young consumers' food choices, purchase decisions, and subsequent behavioural outcomes. Her robust research portfolio features collaborations with distinguished scholars and impactful projects, amplifying her reach across domains. She has presented her work at several prestigious national and international marketing conferences where she had the opportunity of meeting and learning from colleagues from diverse areas of interest and expertise. 

Her intellectual curiosity spans various domains, encompassing food consumption, marketing, consumer behaviour, healthy eating, sustainability in both food and fashion, nutrition knowledge, new age media, and impactful food advertising. Her expertise extends across quantitative and qualitative methodologies, as evidenced by her specialization in experiment design and the creation of insightful consumer behaviour surveys. 

Her journey is underscored by over 80 months of accomplished banking experience, showcasing her prowess in microfinance, product development, policy formulation, team leadership, and goal achievement. Her excellence is further validated by her achievement of the UGC-JRF in Management, securing it in her very first attempt, along with her qualification for the Assistant Professor position. 

Currently, she teaches courses such as Digital Business Models, services Marketing and Qualitative Forecasting for Marketing. 

Peer-Reviewed Conference presentations: 

  1. Singh, S., & Vemireddy, V. (April 2023). Integration of nutrition related information in digital games: Can it boost healthy eating behaviour among young children? International Conference of Marketing 2023, IIM Bodh Gaya. 
  1. Venugopal, S., Aiyer, A., Singh, S., A, Vemireddy, V. & Karthick, A. (June 2023). Addressing Emerging Health Issues in Subsistence Marketplaces: The Challenge of Rising Obesity. Transformative Consumer Research 2023, London. 
  1. Singh, S., & Vemireddy, V. & Jaiswal, A. (July 2023). Examining The Role Of Psychological Ownership Amongst Young Children In Increasing The Uptake Of Healthier Food Options Through Digital Games. Academy of Marketing 2023, University of Birmingham
  1. Singh, S., & Banerjee, S. (July 2023). Examining the effects of Fear of missing out on sustainable food consumption: A social identity perspective. Academy of Marketing 2023, University of Birmingham
  1. Singh, S., & Vemireddy, V., Jaiswal, A. & Sharma, R. (July 2023). Examining the shape-food healthiness correspondence amongst children in the digital games space in the context of home cooked and naturally occurring foods. International Conference of Marketing 2023, IIM Kashipur. Won the Best Paper award.  


Singh S. Book review: A. Mezzadri. 2017. The Sweatshop Regime: Labouring Bodies, Exploitation, and Garments Made in India. Millennial Asia. 2019;10(1):111-115. doi:10.1177/0976399619825549 Scopus indexed journal 

Singh S, Vemireddy V. Transitioning diets: a mixed methods study on factors affecting inclusion of millets in the urban population. BMC Public Health. 2023 Oct 13;23(1):2003. doi: 10.1186/s12889-023-16872-5. PMID: 37833667; PMCID: PMC10576316. Scopus indexed journal



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