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Dr. Nitu Saxena

Dr. Nitu Saxena

Assistant Professor

Date of Birth: 3rd March 1977

Mobile: +91 988 989 3810

Mail: saxenanitu@gmail.com


  • Awarded Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) for the Thesis titled ‘Emerging Patterns of Consumer Behaviour and their influence on the Organised Retailing: A Case Study of Shopping Malls and Specialty Stores in Jaipur’ by Banasthali Vidyapith in January 2012
  • Qualified UGC-NET in Management (Marketing) with 76 percent
  • Completed Masters of Business Administration from MJP Rohilkhand University in the year 2000 with 71 percent marks
  • Obtained Bachelor of Science Degree from MJP Rohilkhand University in the year 1998
  • Completed XII th in the year 1995 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from CBSE Board
  • Completed X th in the year 1993 from ICSE Board with 81 Percent Marks


  • Currently working with NMIMS, Mumbai as Assistant Professor, Academic Level 12 in Marketing since 8th August 2023
  • Worked as Associate Professor with Amity Global Business School, Pune since 14th October 2019 to 9th June 2023
  • Worked as Associate Professor with DYPIMR, Pimpri from July 2018- 12th October 2019
  • Worked as Associate Professor with the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Development Studies (LBSIMDS), Lucknow from August 2013 to February
  • Worked as Assistant Professor with the Banasthali Vidyapith, Banasthali (Jaipur Campus) from July 2007 to May
  • Worked as Assistant Professor with the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management and Technology, Bareilly from January 2001 to November
  • Worked as Lecturer with Institute of Foreign Trade and Management, Moradabad from July 2000 to December 2000.


       Thesis of one candidate Ms Shipa Naveen awarded for PhD in the area of Marketing and Retail in Management.


  1. Completed the Accenture certification on Digital Skills: Retail with 93% test score
  2. Completed the Bond University certification on ‘Data Analytics for Decision Making: An Introduction to Using Excel’ conducted by Dr Adrian Depp
  3. Completed the Deakin University certification on ‘Professional Resilience: Building Skills To Thrive At Work’ conducted by Professor Marcus O'Donnell in July 2020
  4. Completed Short Term Training Program on ‘Professor’s Pedagogical Practices’ organized by D Y Patil B-School Pune I collaboration with Politeknik  Negeri Tanah Laut Indonesia and Association of Indian Management Schools India from June 8th – June 13th 2020
  5. Completed Short Term Training Program on ‘Business Analytics’ organized by Indira School of Business Studies in association with AICTE conducted during 14th Dec to 19th Dec, 2020


  1. Conducted a Session in Atal FDP on the Topic ‘Business Analytics Use Cases’ on July 5th 2021 organised by Jaipuria Institute of Management in collaboration with AICTE
  2. Conducted a session on ‘Consumer Behaviour Trends during Covid’ at MIT WPU School of Business Pune on April 2021
  3. Conducted FDP on Research Methodology in July 2021for Amity Global Business Schools


  1. Participated in FDP "Research and Industry 4.0 Developments” organised by Amity Global Business School, Hyderabad from 19th July 2021 to 24th July 2021
  2. Attended Online International FDP on  "Advanced English for Academic Delivery in Specific Stream” organised by Amity Institute of English Studies & Research, Amity University Patna in collaboration with Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT Patna and English Language Teachers' Association of India from 08th June 2020 to 12th June 2020.
  3. Attended the Faculty Development Program: Happy Teachers and Positive Pedagogy, organized by Amity Centre for Positivity and Happiness, Amity University Uttar Pradesh - Lucknow Campus from 02nd to 09th November, 2020.
  4. Participated in National Seminar on 'Contemporary Management Practices: A Holistic Vision through Sustainable Development' at Jagan Nath University, Jaipur on Jan 19th 2013
  5. Participated in two days ‘National Workshop on Research and Data Analysis’ held on 11th – 12th Feb 2011 at Department of Commerce, Kamala Nehru College (University of Delhi).
  6. Attended the ‘International Conference on Women’s Education’ on November 11-13, 2008 at Banasthali University and also presented a paper entitled ‘ Women at Work: a tight Rope Walk’
  7. Participated in the workshop on ‘Recent trends in Retail Management’ organized by MDA in collaboration with AICTE and ISIM on 23rd March 2009, at Jaipur.
  8. Participated in the National Seminar on ‘Management Research’ organized by MDA in collaboration with AICTE from 23 – 25 February 2009 at Jaipur.
  9. Participated in the seminar on ‘Management Education in India: Current Trends and Future Perspectives’ organized by MDA and AICTE on 29th March 2008, at Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur.


I. Books -

Published a Book titled ‘Consumer Behaviour and Organised Retailing’; Regal Publications, New Delhi, 2012 (ISBN 978-81-8484-191-6)

II. Papers/Articles Published –

  1. A Study on Measuring Human Emotions and their usage in framing Marketing Strategies in the era of Artificial Intelligence, Marketing Mastermind Vol XX Issue 3 May 2023 ISSN 0972-5156
  2. Market Analysis of EV Charging Market in India, Marketing Mastermind, Vol XIX Issue 2 March 2022 Pg No 37-54 ISSN 0972-5156
  3. Traditional Marketing Vs Modern Marketing, Marketing Mastermind, Vol XIX Issue 3 April 2022 Pg No 12--24 ISSN 0972-5156
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  1. Strategic Management
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Sales and Distribution Management
  4. Global Marketing Management
  5. Business Environment
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Foundations of Management
  8. Marketing in Rural, Services and Non Profit Organizations
  9. Retail Marketing and CRM
  10. Managerial Economics


  1. Member, Board of Studies and the Faculty of Management Studies, Banasthali
  2. Paper Setter and Examiner at Amity University, Noida 
  3. D. Supervisor at the Banasthali University 
  4. Examination Superintendent and MBA Course Head
  5. IQAC cell Member at Amity University and at D Y Patil Pimpri
  6. Editor, ‘Contemporary Management’, Journal of LBSIMDS, Lucknow


  1. Chair, Final Year, Course Head MBA
  2. Coordinator, ICICI E-learning Programme
  3. Coordinator, Summer Training Project and Dissertations
  4. Research Committee Member
  5. Guided various other short term projects for MBA and BBA
  6. Coordinator, Faculty Replacement and Scheduling Committee
  7. Member, Scholarship Committee
  8. Conducted various events such as Seminars, Conferences, and Management Fest etc.

September 12th 2023                                                                                         (Dr Nitu Saxena)

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