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Dr. Beena Nair

Dr. Beena Nair

Assistant Professor, Programme Chairperson MBA E & FB


Prof. Beena Prakash is Research Fellow from NITIE and holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Post Graduate degree in HRM. She is a certified AON Hewitt Assessment Expert and has done MDP in HR Analytics from IIM Rohtak. She has more than 15 years of academic and industry experience with rich exposure in various gamut of HR. She has worked at Thakur Institute of Management studies and Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies as Assistant Professor. She has conducted, projects, and training in various areas like leadership development, HR analytics, group dynamics, and research methods. She has also presented and published research papers at both national and international conferences and journals. Her areas of research interest include multi-level leadership, employee engagement, and employee wellbeing.

Academic Qualifications:

·Ph.D (Thesis submitted) National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai. Title of Thesis: Antecedents and Outcomes of Authentic Leadership.

·PGDM (HRD): Amity Business School, Noida, First Class, ( CGPA:8.13) (1996 – 1998)

·Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Electronics), Delhi University, 72%, First Class (1993-1996).

Additional Courses and Certifications:

Executive Education (HR Analytics),

IIM – Rohtak, (2018-2019)

M.A. (Psychology)

IGNOU, (2010-2012), First Class with Distinction.

Certified Assessment Expert

Issuing authority: AON Hewitt Learning Center

Issued date Oct 2017 No Expiration Date

ISO 9002 certified Auditor,

Issuing authority BVQI

Certificate Course: Leadership Development,

Issuing authority: AOTS, Japan, Japanese Management Association Distinction,

Issued date: 1999

Research Paper Publications:

Nair, B. P., Prasad, T., & Nair, S. K. (2021). "Role of leader and followers' well-being, engagement and the moderating role of psychological capital”, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management (Emerald), April 2021, DOI 10.1108/IJPPM-10-2020-0565 (ABDC-B)

Nair BP, Prasad T, Nair SK. Authentic Leadership and Team Members’ Outcomes: A Cross-level and Multi-level Analysis.Management and Labour Studies. October 2021. doi:10.1177/0258042X211034614 (ABDC-C).

Nair, B. P., Prasad, T., & Nair, S. K. (2021). "Self-Awareness Trigger Leading to Authentic Leadership: Conceptualization and Development of Reliable and Valid Self-Awareness Trigger Scale”, Dynamic Relationships Management Journal (SAM), May 2021, 10(1), 23-44. doi:10.17708/DRMJ.2021. v10n01a02 (Scopus-indexed)


Nair, B. P., Prasad, T., & Nair, S. K. (2021). "Exploring Authentic Leadership through Leadership Journey of Gandhi. The Qualitative Report, 26(3), 714-733. (Scopus-indexed).


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Nair, B.P. (2021). How employees were coping during Covid-19 : Differences in emotional strategies adopted by employees working from home (WFH). (Paper presented at 15th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Emotions in Worklife, (Nov 30-11-2021); Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management).


Nair, B.P. (2021). Future of work: Exploring ethical implications of managerial practices to create and foster meaningfulness of work for Generation Z. (Paper presented at Academy of Management, (June 08-10, 2021).

Prakash. B; Prasad. T; Nair. S. (2017). Impact of Authentic Leadership on Values-Driven Organisational Excellence Model. (Paper presented at International Research Conference on Sustainable Development of Human Capital: Exploring Perspectives from Grassroots to Global Research & Practice, (November 08-10, 2017); Indian Institute ofManagement (IIM-A) & (AHRD, India)

Prakash,B & Funde,Y.(2013). Organisational Excellence: Key to Managing Services in Competitive Environment, (Paper presented at Tenth AIMS International Conference on Management, Jan 6-9, IIM Bangalore, and AIMS International.

Prakash. B. (2007). Leveraging IT Investment: Going Beyond Automating Transactional HR Activities, (Paper presented at Fifth AIMS International Conference on Management, (December 27-30, 2007); IBS, Hyderabad, India.


Prakash. B. (2007). Integrating Business Strategy with HR Strategy: Improving the bottom line and enhancing job satisfaction, (Paper presented at Fourth HR Annual National Conference 2007),ITM, Khargar, India.


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