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The ETW Program is one of its kind in India. The program has been adapted from a reputed program offered by the University of Stirling, Scotland, which has met with remarkable success in Scotland and other parts of Europe over the years.

How is this programme different?

Individual weekly counselling is a unique and essential feature of the program. Each trainee interacts with the counselor who may be a member of the faculty or a consultant teaching on the program. Visits to micro enterprises handled by women are scheduled and various leading women entrepreneurs are invited to share their experiences.

Programme Highlights

The Enterprise Training for Women works with women entrepreneurs who have the ambition to start and transform their small business into thriving enterprises. We develop and deliver tailored business training to equip women entrepreneurs with the tools they need to become successful business owners. More specifically we look at

- Enabling participants to understand various facets of starting and managing their business;

- Providing participants business development support to enable them to pitch their business to investors and other stakeholders.

Our unique model delivers the training in a modular format with emphasis on

Intensive business training covering inputs in various aspects of business management including marketing, market surveys, digital marketing, finance planning, human resource management, business communication, risk management, operations management, quality control, taxation, use of Microsoft office and so on

The total training is for 150 hours provided over a course of seven months.

Why a ‘women-only’ programme?

The potential of women entrepreneurs remains largely untapped with many lacking access to the financial services, skills and opportunities they need to become successful business owners. Improving opportunities for women to earn and return income spurs economic growth and fosters a more inclusive and fair society, which is fundamental to sustainable growth and building more equitable societies. The Enterprise Training for Women programme was introduced to accelerate women’s economic empowerment and the development of women-owned business through the recognition of training in business management.

Since 1992, the School of Business Management has been active in providing enterprise development training to women in India. The seven month week-end certificate programme empowers women-led enterprises by providing women with tailored services in business planning and management tools to transition into small and growing business owners. The programme is an adaptation from a reputed programme offered by the University of Stirling, Scotland.

The programme provides women with the opportunity to interact with successful women entrepreneurs many of whom are alumni of the same programme and are now running successful businesses and provides them with a platform to share their apprehensions, and find out how other women entrepreneurs are handling the same anxieties and concerns. A peek into their road to progress facilitates in building self-confidence much more than any other non-targeted programme would succeed in doing.


Completed twelve years of formal schooling and should be adept in oral and written english skills. The participants should be in a position to devote 3.5 hours each on Saturdays and Sundays.

Admission Process

Writing a note based on their business idea followed by an in-depth personal interview to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the participant’s abilities and capacities to undergo the training.


Programme Fees

Training Fees: Rs. 25,000 /- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only)

Library Deposit: Rs. 1, 000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only) [Refundable]

Academic Calendar

Offered once a year

Weekend classroom based training

Classes held on Saturdays ( 12pm-3.30pm) and Sundays (11am-2.30pm)

Programme Highlights

Individual counselling sessions organised for participants of the programme

Empowerment sessions on fear management, confidence building, problem solving techniques and so on.

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